The Chatbots Webring is a collection of personal pages created by AI character card creators for popular AI chatbot frontends like SillyTavern, and!

fouka image


"Esther and Friends' Clubhouse, the site is held together by duct tape but I'm having fun"
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A comfy minimalistic site with character cards, including a physical one.
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Beautiful cards, tons of chatlogs, fanart, and a multibot guide.
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The cutest character card creator. A very cheerful and colorful page.
pashatehink's Sailor Moon corner image

pashatehink's Sailor Moon corner

Prolific creator with very creative cards made in the name of the moon!
Tarkman's AI Chatbots image

Tarkman's AI Chatbots

A very unique webzone with floating, bouncing cards. Try to get them all together on your screen.
Vince Lavali's Vilehome image

Vince Lavali's Vilehome

Beautiful old school design, and lots of classic bots!
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The creator of Bully mAId is on neocities, and now making cards!
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A very nostalgic personal page with exclusive male cards.
Moxxie's Cards image

Moxxie's Cards

"You know who I am already. And you love me. Here's my stuff :3"
deberias's card dump image

deberias's card dump

"My cards, lorebooks and jailbreaks, all in one place. Not very mobile friendly."
Creamsan's Page image

Creamsan's Page

"I make game and scenario cards."
Ratlover's Chatbots image

Ratlover's Chatbots

"Assorted furries, video game characters and other things. Always more to come!"
103344982 AACK! SHOP image

103344982 AACK! SHOP

"Fun thing I made with gepetto 4. If an actual front-end dev looked at the code, they would weep."
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Beautiful, creative cards, as well as chatlogs.
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"Every chatlog ever posted to /aicg/, searchable by card name and creator. (Or at least I tried.)"
AI catbots from Ueno image

AI catbots from Ueno

"'Experimental' is business speak for 'not my fault if they don't work'"
fox bots image

fox bots

"a silly little site where i post my silly little bots"
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Lots of miscelleaneous content, lorebooks, and characters.
Kurayami's Cards image

Kurayami's Cards

"A collection of cards divided by setting that has Snuff/Guro as a common theme. [cards in English, site in Italian.]"
Snommy's Corner image

Snommy's Corner

Lots of cards, and a ton of logs for local models!
Emotion Sprites image

Emotion Sprites

A hosting service for character emotion sprites, with example included.
/aicg/ Christmas 2023 image

/aicg/ Christmas 2023

A Christmas video commemorating /aicg/ posts in 2022 and 2023.
crunchy's corner image

crunchy's corner

Cards, card recommendations, lots of colors and animations.