If you wish to join the Chatbots Webring, send an email to with the following information:

  • The specific URL you wish to join the webring with
  • Your botlist URL (if different)
  • Your site name (optional)
  • Your site description, max 120 characters (optional, if omitted I will write one for you)

Prior to applying, you must include the below widget on the URL that you are joining with, and your botlist. (Other pages optionally).

The widget must be visible without scrolling on a 1024x728 monitor.

New chatbots page

In order for your bots to appear on the new chatbots page, your botlist page's static HTML must contain an <img> or <a> tag pointing to each card file. (You can have non-card images or image links on there; just don't link to cards not by you or the script will get confused.)

If you haven't uploaded all your bots at the time of joining, let me know, and then let me know when you've uploaded everything; I'll add you to the feed then.

The new chatbots page will display your new bots' names, creator_notes and image. Updates to bots are ignored. The page is updated every 15 minutes.

The page links to your botlist page, with an anchor link derived from your bot name (converted to lowercase, with spaces and special characters converted to underscore). You can simply ignore this, but if you want anons clicking on your bot in the list to be auto-scrolled right to your bot, add id="the_generated_anchor" to the tag encasing the bot or the bot's name. For example: <h3 id="esther_the_vampire">Esther the Vampire</h3>


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